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School Management System

The ACCOUNTS side allows school accountants to efficiently run their accounting needs. i.e. daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports can be generated on income and expenditure the school makes.

The ADMINISTRATION part of the system allows school administrators to store vital information on students and parents and staff. They can register /generate passwords for newly enrolled students and their wards and newly employed teachers. The school’s academic calendar can be updated here as well.

The TEACHERS column enables class teachers to mark attendance, post assignments and learning materials and tabulate scores of students for assessment. Exciting moments of events and activities students undertake can be captured and posted in Memories to be viewed by parents and students. 

At the STUDENT side a student can login to view results, submit assignments and view memories posted by teachers.

PARENTS can also do same. I.e. view their wards results, assignments given them and view pictures posted in memories.

Then, there is the SUPER ADMIN which is only accessible to the head of school. Here, all inputs made to all the other pages can be viewed.

Passwords are created to enable persons log in to the sessions that are of interest to them.


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