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10 Fashion mistakes ladies make that guys hate

Just as ladies are irritated by the fashion sense of some guys, guys are totally turned off by some style sense of ladies too. Ladies should take time to read about fashion trends and know their body shape or type before towing a certain fashion trend.

You may have a beautiful face and a captivating body but if you do not wear the right clothes and accessories, you will go unnoticed.  Or rather, you may be noticed for the wrong reasons.  A guy may tell a lady that she is looking good not because she is dressed appropriately or lady- like but because she is showing flesh, which may not necessarily suit the occasion. A lady may miss a job opportunity because of her appearance or create a wrong impression because she’s dressed in an unacceptable manner. Here is a list of turn offs for men (based on acceptable norms).

  1. Wearing the wrong underwear with fitted bottoms thereby showing panty lines and waistlines. For fitted bottoms, it is appropriate to wear thongs or the super – smooth underwear. Make sure panty garters are not showing at the waistline and no lines are visible on the bottom.
  2. Wearing clothes meant for body shapes other than theirs. Ladies should accept and accentuate the most flattering aspect of their bodies and camouflage the least flattering.
  3. Clothes that one can barely move in: Wear the right sizes and not smaller or bigger ones.
  4. When ladies wear light bras under dark tops revealing the bras and their tummies.
  5. Wearing thin leggings in place of regular trousers.
  6. An overdose of a fashion trend. E.g. too much of the same designer ( Burberry everything or animal skin from top to bottom).
  7. Unkempt hair, chipped manicures and pedicures, heels they cannot walk in, excessive make- up.
  8. Showing too much cleavage and thighs at a formal event.
  9. Bad mix of prints.
  10. Bad odour or no fragrance at all.

The above sums up the concerns of guys towards ladies’ fashion. Please take note and don’t fall victim to any of them. A lady should therefore ensure that she:

  1. Wears clothes that fit.
  2. Has clean hair.
  3. Carries bobby pins, hair ties in case of emergencies.
  4. Carries deodorant, perfume and if possible, mints in her handbag.
  5. Visits the salon frequently to prevent chipped manicures and pedicures.
  6. Invest in quality fashion pieces – trousers, shoes, shirts, bags, accessories – and not necessarily focus on quantity.


February 10, 2018

1 responses on "10 Fashion mistakes ladies make that guys hate"

  1. Well as a lady I really do not care what guys think about my fashion sense, as far as when I look in the mirror and I like what I see that is all that am concern about.

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