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10 Things You Must Never Say to Your Child

Raising a child can be challenging and fulfilling at the same time. On bad days, parents are likely to say undesirable things to their children. However, saying some strong-worded things to a child can affect them mentally and emotionally. It can also have an impact on their perspectives about themselves and life.

These are 10 things you must not say to your child.

1.  You are a disappointment– Parents are quick to say this to their children. Instead of calling a child a disappointment, correct him/her; teach children what they should have done instead and explain why they shouldn’t have done what they did wrong.

2. Your father/mother is useless (or anything like that)– This is wrong on all levels. Do not involve children in your fights with your spouse. Let children be children. Saying such things to children is not good for them emotionally.

3.  I do not believe in you– Saying this to a child can affect the child’s confidence and desire to learn and become better. You must be your child’s number one fan.

4.  Why can’t you be like your brother, sister or…?– Please do not compare your child to any other child, especially if they are unable to achieve what others have achieved. The child may be trying their best and would appreciate some encouragement from you.

5.  I do not think you can do this, try something else– Our opportunities on this earth are limitless. Rather than discourage the child, remind them that they can be anything they want to be in future if they focus on it and work hard towards it.

6.  I don’t have time for you right now– It is important to make time for your child regardless of your schedules. Children need your attention to build confidence and trust you. Make time for your child when they need you.

7. You are ugly– Some parents say this to their children and it is wrong.

8. Whatever I say is final– Not giving your children a voice to speak can make them timid and afraid, and can make you make the wrong choice for them. Give the child a chance to be expressive, make choices, share ideas and learn.

9.  That is not good enough– Seriously, never say this to a child. Appreciate their efforts.

10.  You are a problem child– Some parents say this to their children and it can affect the child on many levels. It can make the child feel like they are a nuisance to you. Saying this to your child will affect their confidence and make them stay away from you.

March 14, 2019

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