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10 Words To Say to Your Child Everyday

Habits are formed at the early stage of a child’s life, and the values, mannerisms, and expressions they pick are often from home and school. As a result, it is vital to inculcate certain habits in a child as they grow up.

The words children say easily become a habit and this stays with them even as they grow. These are 10 simple but golden words and expressions you must learn to use with your child every day.

1. Thank you
Teaching your child gratitude is a great way to raise them to be thankful for the things they have. Saying ‘thank you’ to a child when he/she does a simple act of goodness will teach them the usefulness of saying ‘Thank you’.


2. Please/ Kindly
In a world which values respect, it is key to teach your kid to say Please when they are speaking to anybody. Children need to be taught that they should respect their peers too, and not just adults.


3. Do you mind…
It is important to teach a child to be polite. Courtesy will take a child far in their personal relationships and professional circles.

4. No
It is key to teach a child how to say no, and how to deal with rejection. At their early age, children are vulnerable and can be exposed to violence, influence or various forms of abuse. Let your child know that it is okay to say no. That way, you help them have a good sense of judgment and stand by their convictions.


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5. Sorry
Apologise to your kids when you need to. Let them hear you say sorry when you are wrong. That way, they will learn to apologize when they are wrong. Sorry can be a deal broker and peace-maker; the absence of sorry can ruin relationships.


6. Excuse me
This expression can be used in different situations. Teach your kids the right use of excuse me as they grow. It is an indication of politeness. When you cough, sneeze, or are leaving the table, a simple excuse me will be in order.

7. May I…
May I, may sound a bit ‘official’ but it does not hurt to let your child know how to use this in their speech.


8. You’re Welcome
While you teach your child to say Thank you, teach him/her how to respond.  You’re welcome is a good place to start. When your child says Thank you, respond with an affectionate ‘you’re welcome’.


9. How can I help?
Make your child develop a sense of empathy and express it when they need to. Simply asking how you can help with a situation is a great way to teach your child the importance of caring about other people and lending a helping hand.


10. Well Done
Positive affirmations are important for a child to learn. Teach your child to appreciate people for good work done. Praising your child builds his/her self-confidence and helps them learn the art of praising other people when they are due praise.
It is important to use these 10 phrases and words when speaking to your child.

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August 7, 2019

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