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11 Essential Tips on Modern Day Parenting

1.  It is important to encourage children to exercise good judgement.

2.  Let them know other productive and useful things they can do on the internet.

3.  Rather than always ‘force’ children to go and study, make time to study with them.

4.  Have an honest conversation with them about the dark sides of the internet.

5.  Engage children in educational games. It helps them to think more deeply and be creative.

6.  Make your child your friend and make them comfortable to share their personal struggles and discoveries with you.

7.  Though it is important to encourage children to read, it is vital to be mindful of the material they read.

8.  Sometimes it is important to let them make their own choices.

9.  Cut down on junk and sweets; let them eat healthy meals and be well-nourished.

10. Let your children see you doing smart and positive things.

11.  Allow them to socialise but be mindful of the quality of their peer group.

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February 12, 2019

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