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12 Fashion mistakes guys make that ladies cannot stand


When it comes to the subject of men’s fashion and style, most guys think it comes naturally and shouldn’t be studied hence, not paying close attention to what they wear. And because their male friends hardly tell them what they truly look like, they assume they are fine. But the truth is, the women pay attention and do not think it is not a big deal. Fashion and style is a big deal and its do’s and don’ts should be studied.

One of the unsaid benefits of a good looking outfit, apart from feeling confident is to attract the ladies or? So here are a few fashion flaws men commit that women totally hate. They have decided to speak out because they are tired of seeing guys dressed that way. 2018 is still young and it’s the month of love so before you take her out, please make sure you haven’t committed any of these blunders. You might be surprised at some of them.

  1. Improper Pants Length. This seems to be in vogue these days but it disgusts most ladies.
  2. Some guys spoil good looking outfits by wearing the wrong kind of socks.
  3. Guys with too many accessories. A guy should be seen with a nice watch, a cool pair of sunglasses, a good pair of cufflinks, an on- trend bracelet and a wedding band (if married) and not so many rings, chains etc.
  4. Belts with big buckles. Well unless you are cowboy, the ladies don’t want to see you with such belts.
  5. Jersey tanks worn as T- Shirts. It’s acceptable if you are heading for a basketball practice or to see a game but not in place of a shirt.
  6. Cargo Pants especially in the form of trousers.
  7. Bad Odor or no fragrance at all. A good smell accentuates your appearance.
  8. Genuine/ Overly distressed denim. Ladies don’t want to see too much of your hairy legs through the holes in your denim. Keep it simple.
  9. Wearing a suit with a backpack.
  10. Wearing too many colors or the wrong colors. Neither do ladies like bulky pockets too.
  11. Dirty nails, dirty trousers (especially the pockets, flaps, thighs and hems) and dirty shoes.
  12. Over-sized clothes.


So guys, I guess you realize that ladies pay attention? So a gentleman should pay attention to. But it is not too late to rectify the flaws. Try the following:

  1. Know your measurements
  2. Own a shoeshine box
  3. Buy less clothing but more value
  4. Invest in a good fragrance
  5. Don’t follow fashion trends blindly. Know what works for you.


Finally, do not depart from these commandments. Read further on the topic and do not depart from those as well.





February 8, 2018

2 responses on "12 Fashion mistakes guys make that ladies cannot stand"

  1. this one dier, i dont think point 5 is an issue, wearing my real madrid CR7 shirt paa, how wud the grl know am going to watch football at the mall or sth??

    • hhahahaha but Flava even if its an original Madrid jersey, wear it to the pitch to watch the game or ? Jeans and a jersey as T- Shirt is being opposed.

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