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15 Reasons Why You Should Homeschool Your Child

With a growing interest in education and the advantages and disadvantages that modern-day schooling comes with, parents and guardians are concerned about the quality of their children’s education. This ranges from educational curriculum, school environments, children’s exposure and a variety of reasons. With just a curriculum change, poor state of schools and the desire of a child to pursue other things alongside their education, homeschooling can be an option.

So, what benefits can be derived from homeschooling?  If you are considering homeschooling your child for any reason, these are 15 reasons why you should.

1.  Homeschooling helps you determine the curriculum or content that you teach your child. If you are dissatisfied with the educational system and curriculum, this is an option.

2.  It is easier to change and adjust teaching methods to meet the child’s needs.

3.  When you homeschool your child, you spend more time with them and build a strong bond with the child.

4.  Spending time homeschooling your child helps you to easily identify their interests, strengths, and weaknesses.

5.  It helps you build your child’s perspectives and values more strongly since you spend more time and share a lot of ideas with them.

6.  Homeschooling goes a long way to help you shield your child from negative influence and behavior; this includes behavior they are likely to pick up from bad friends at school.

7.  Homeschooling helps you escape from the inconveniences of scheduling family activities around school hours.

8.  Children can pursue their dreams and other activities. For example, when a child’s career takes an early start, such as acting or singing, the child can pursue their career actively while being homeschooled.

9.  If a child has special needs or has a disability (differently abled), homeschooling may be the best option.

10.  If you want to give your child an early start but the child is too young to be enrolled in school, you can start by homeschooling them. It prepares them for school and helps you build a strong foundation for the child before he/she starts going to school.

11.  For parents who are unsure about their children’s safety in school, homeschooling can be a great alternative.

12.  Homeschooling can be a great option if a child is unable to make it into their preferred school.

13.  If you cannot afford the thought of your child getting bullied or facing other challenges in school, you can teach them at home if it is possible.

14.  Learning can be fun when you homeschool a child. They learn and share their opinions freely and confidently without intimidation

15.  Some children are prone to infections and other communicable diseases and can be put at high risks when they are in a classroom with tens of other students. Homeschooling can be the solution to this challenge.

April 25, 2019

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