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15-Year-Old Publishes First Novel

“ ‘Mom, dad, noo!’, she screamed as the whole house was engulfed in a giant flame. Tears ran down her cheeks like pouring water. It was painful yet difficult not to look. She let herself bend and crouch slowly as she recalled what had happened…”

Those are the opening sentences of Antoinette Esenam Akuamoah’s 135 page novel, “A Pending Dawn”. At fifteen and in her third year in the Junior High School, Antoinette wrote her first novel, a very imaginative and impressive piece of art which captivates a reader and leaves them yearning for more after each page. Her dream of becoming an author became a reality with inspiration from the Leadership Farm programme, an initiative of Lead Afrique International.

Antoinette’s journey to writing her book started after her initial interaction with Lead Afrique International Co-Founder, Micheal Ohene-Effah who challenged her to get an exercise book and write. Clearly enthusiastic about her ideas, young adorable Antoinette started writing her ideas in an exercise book and updated him weekly on progress. When the content of the book was ready, an associate of the organization, Richard Akita played an instrumental role in assisting with the publication of the book which made Antoinette’s dream a reality!

The 16 year old’s success in publishing her first novel at such young age is one of fulfillment to Lead Afrique International’s Leadership Farm programme; a programme which encourages children to believe in the possibility of their dreams and strive for greatness.

Antoinette is an example of what children can do if given the inspiration, the support and the resources they need to unleash the genius in them and reach their potential. Not only is she an example to children, but to every individual, as she shows us that we can all achieve our dreams if we act on them with commitment and belief.

Antoinette’s success is a reflection of what Leadership Farm is all about; the programme passionate about helping young people unearth their talent, believe in their dreams, and challenging them enough to work hard towards making their dreams a reality.

Antoinette Esenam Akuamoah is one of thousands of children on the Leadership Farm programme who are being mentored to identify their strengths and also trained to possess leadership skills for the development of Africa.

Antoinette who was part of the first ten writers in the 2015 Citi FM Write-Away Contest, proceeded to Akosombo International Senior High School and aspires to be a paediatrician and a writer.

Next time you see a child passionate about a positive cause, encourage and guide them, and do so without hesitation. Who knows, they could be the next Antoinette or even more!

September 10, 2018

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