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20 Tips For Teachers To Become Effective

1. Every student is different. They Possess different qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. Know more about what kind of learners your students are by clicking here

2. There are different teaching and learning styles for different types of students. 

3. Students who are introverts need to be cared for. 

4. Use examples that students can relate to in trying to get them to understand what you teach them.

5. Help students to form positive habits.

6. Give students a chance to explore learning using technology.

7. Do not embarrass students in the presence of their peers.

8. Be professional, dress in a good manner and maintain a good attitude. Set a positive example for students to follow.

9. Always be early to class.

10. Listen to students and never ignore them.

11. Build a good relationship with the parents of your students. Learn how to get parents involved in school activities here.

12. Use praise at the right time.

13. Encourage student participation in school activities.

14. Encourage students to work in study groups.

15. Motivate your students. Check out 15 motivational quotes for students here.

16. Good teachers are open-minded and listen to students.

17. Build a class spirit and encourage unity and friendship among students.

18. Collaborate with other teachers to work efficiently.

19. Stay out of your comfort zone and incorporate a new teaching strategy if that is what works.

20. Be patient with students and have a sense of humor.

Click here to read how to harness a positive teacher-student relationship. 

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August 8, 2019

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