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June 2018

Instagram Launches ”Instagram Lite” For Emerging Markets

After introducing IGTV last week, Instagram is quietly opening up to the emerging markets by launching Instagram Lite – a slimmed down version of

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Government to Promote Inclusive Education

Jun 29,18by Reena Amertorwo

The Government is committed to promoting a more Inclusive Educational system to provide learning opportunities for all children, especially those

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Parents Sensitized on How to Improve Children’s Learning

Jun 28,18by Reena Amertorwo

A workshop has been organized for parents and community members from Chorkor and Korle- Gonno in the Greater Accra Metropolis.

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“Man Must Chop” Animated Series Wins MTN Apps Challenge 5.0

“Man Must Chop” is a digitally animated series which follows the story of “Aluta“,  a character who tries to do

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Hollywood Actress, Gabrielle Union expresses love for DJ Switch

Erica Tandoh, a 10-year-old girl from Ghana who goes by the name DJ Switch, captured the hearts of Twitter users

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Google Honors Efua Sutherland with Doodle

Google has created a Doodle in honor of Ghanaian playwright, Efua Theodora Sutherland. Google remembers her on what would have

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Writing Vesus Typing- The Best Secret to Learning in a Digital Era

With the advent of tablets and redesign of laptops into small and ubiquitous sizes, writing notes by hand is becoming

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Important Ways to Protect Your Child from Harm

Children are inquisitive especially in their formative years and this leads them or rather their parents into some form of

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Achimota School Students Advised to be Determined to Succeed

Jun 25,18by Reena Amertorwo

Students of the Achimota School have been urged to take their studies seriously and pursue their goals with determination to

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Instagram Star used Stock Photos to Deceive Followers and Brands

A popular Instagram photographer has apologized after being caught posting stock image library content and indicating it was his own

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