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August 2019

How well is your blog ranking in Google’s search results? Find out right now!

If you’re a blogger you surely know how important it is for your blog posts to rank well in Google.

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How to review everything you’ve ever ‘Liked’ or ‘Reacted to’ on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook keeps a record of every “Like” (or other reaction) you’ve every clicked? This record is

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How to close a frozen browser tab without closing the other open tabs

If you’ve ever had a browser tab freeze up on you, you know how frustrating it is when you have

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How to prepare for your computer’s next hard drive crash

Unfortunately, most people use their computers day in and day out without giving a second thought to what would happen

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Meaning: an official who administers the rules in certain team sports. Synonyms: judge, referee, umpire, arbitrator; Use: We have all

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Meaning: of or relating to horseback riding or horseback riders. Synonyms: riding, mounted, horse riding; Use: His equestrian skill was

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Meaning: endurance training in which a runner alternates periods of sprinting with periods of jogging. Synonyms: speed play, interval training;

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Meaning: a manner of walking, stepping, or running. Synonyms: walk, step, stride, pace, tread; Use: Kwame’s gait slowed as he

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Meaning: a piece of metal, leather or plastic, attached to the sole of a shoe to prevent wear or slipping

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5 Tips To Keep Your Family Safe On The Internet

The internet is quite possibly the greatest human invention in history, but like most things we’ve come up with, it’s

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