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October 2019


Meaning: Having an extremely offensive smell. Synonyms: disgusting, foul, stinking, nauseating; Use: The class was disrupted by a noisome flatulence

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Meaning: in a state of foul decay or decomposition, as animal or vegetable matter; rotten. Synonyms: rancid, decomposed, rotten, decayed;

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Meaning: smelling stale or stuffy; musty; mouldy. Synonyms: stale, musty, stuffy, foul; Use: The bread that was served to us

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Meaning: having an unpleasant smell. Synonyms: fetid, foul, stinking, strong; Use: The person who passed by us had a reeky

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Meaning: Undergoing the process of decay; rotting. Synonyms: decay, decomposition, rot, polluted; Use: The kenkey seller’s fish had a putrescent

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