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April 2020

The Private School Dilemma -Band – Aid or Operation?

Suddenly, Private schools across the country have been put under the microscope regarding their IT readiness or otherwise by  COVID

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WORD OF THE DAY: Gewgaw MEANING: noun./ A showy thing, especially one that is useless or worthless. USE: Sport cars

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WORD OF THE DAY: Vestige MEANING: noun./ (usually negative) the smallest amount. USE: Although she seemed to be waiting patiently,

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WORD OF THE DAY: Mucilaginous MEANING: adj./ Having a viscous or gelatinous consistency. USE: I miss my mother’s mucilaginous okro

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WORD OF THE DAY: Decrepit MEANING: adj./ worn out because of age or neglect. USE: There are so many decrepit

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WORD OF THE DAY: Misnomer MEANING: noun./ A wrong or inaccurate name, designation or term. USE: Morning sickness is a misnomer

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WORD OF THE DAY: Frill Meaning: noun./ A superfluous or pretentious thing or manner; affectation. Use: The leader made a

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WORD OF THE DAY: Frippery Meaning: noun./ Ornate or showy clothing or adornment. Use: My sister spent a lot of

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WORD OF THE DAY: Frigid Meaning: adj./ Formal or stiff in behavior or temperament. Use: Due to the lock down,

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WORD OF THE DAY: Frogman Meaning: noun./ A swimmer equipped with a rubber suit, flippers and breathing equipment for working

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