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30 Years of the World Wide Web- What You Must Know

Ever wondered what ‘www’ stands for? It is the abbreviation of the words, World Wide Web. Also, the world wide web is commonly referred to as the web.

Interestingly, the web has evolved in the last 30 years from being on a single computer to being used across various devices all over the world, including the mobile phone you use.

On March 12, 1989, British Computer scientist, Sir Tim Berners-Lee submitted the proposal for the world wide web to his boss at the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Fortunately, his proposal was approved, which gave birth to the world wide web.


What is the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web is a space for information, documents and other web resources. It is a network of online content that is formatted in HTML and is made from millions of interlinked webpages.

The web gives you a chance to navigate the internet by clicking on hypertext to visit websites and get access to various types of data online. The first website was built by Berners-Lee in 1991. So anytime you visit a website or a webpage, remember Berners-Lee and his pioneering work.

After 30 years of introducing the web, Berners-Lee has expressed concerns about how people use the web for malicious behaviour in recent times. He is concerned about online bullying, government hacking and the spread of wrong information, and says the web is no longer a ‘’force for good’’.


Is the world wide web the same as the internet?

You may be tempted to think that the internet and the World Wide Web are the same, but they are not. The major difference is that the internet is a huge network of computers all connected together, providing a variety of information and communication facilities, but the web is a collection of webpages found on this network of computers. In this case, the internet is what you use to access the web.


Why is it important?

The world wide web is important because it has opened up the internet to everyone and makes it easy to share information and communicate, thereby creating a connected world. So, all the social networking sites, blogs and platforms you share information on online are facilitated by the web. For example, if you enter, it takes you to a ‘web-site’, meaning the information you are seeking is ‘sitting’ on the web. 

As the world wide web turns 30, make sure you contribute to its improvement especially by using it as a force for good.

March 13, 2019

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