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5 Benefits of Technology for Kids

Technology is very important in our everyday lives and has so many benefits. Despite the fact that technology and the internet come with some negative consequences, it is worthy to note that they can be used to promote positivity to a large extent. Children can use technology too, especially if monitored.

These are 5 ways by which technology can be useful to your kids.

1.  Technology exposes kids to a world of information– Just like you, technology can help children get access to information that can challenge them to become better individuals. It is extremely important though, to regulate the sites kids visit and be mindful of the level of access that children have to information online.

2.  Technology enhances learning– Apart from traditional teaching and learning methods, technology gives kids access to a wide range of learning material in the form of audio books, videos, and can make children part of learning experiences from all over the world.

3.  It allows for creativity– Kids can use games, applications and other gadgets to fuel their creativity and go beyond their imagination. Today, children can create 3D animations and more. Thus, technology allows them to go beyond the usual pencil and paper and helps them to get creative using gadgets and online tools.

4.  Create a path for their future– Since technology virtually runs the world, jobs in Information Communication Technology (ICT) are becoming more and more valuable, with skilled young people who are able to solve problems using technology getting opportunities to make money from their tech skills. Who knows, your child may be a tech guru in the making if only you give him/her a chance to explore technology.

5.  Technology can help kids to socialise– Whether they are playing a game or learning from peers on safe online platforms, children get the chance to socialise using tech; they only need to be monitored to avoid getting in bad company. Most importantly, when you are far away, technology helps you to keep in touch and monitor your kids wherever you are.

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March 18, 2019

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