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The holidays are fast approaching and we are all excited to spend time with our families. For a change, why don’t you and your siblings cook breakfast for the family? Throughout the year mom and dad have constantly ensured that your tummies are filled to your satisfaction. It is time to reciprocate all the love they have shown you by making them a simple breakfast that is sure to make them feel loved.

Here are five simple breakfast ideas you can try on your own or with your siblings.

BREAD, EGGS AND BEVERAGES: All one needs to make this meal is bread (brown bread, butter bread or wheat bread) eggs (four eggs) and any of their favourite beverages (coffee, tea or milo depending on their personal preference). You will also need a frying pan, vegetable oil, salt, and a fork. First, beat the eggs into a clean bowl, add a little salt to taste and then whisk the eggs until it becomes a little foamy. Before that, place your frying pan containing about a half-spoonful of oil to heat on the stove.  Continue to whisk eggs while the oil heats up for a few seconds and proceed to pour the whisked eggs into the heated oil and continue to turn with a spatula until the eggs turn a little brown. You can ask a sibling to assist you by heating water for the beverage and cutting the bread into slices. Serve on a tray and present your bread and eggs to your parents with a smile.


OATS AND SCRAMBLED EGGS:  To make the oats, one needs to boil about half a cup of water in a saucepan for a few minutes and then proceed to pour the oats in bowl and then add a little water to make it soft. Add the mixture to the already boiling water to cook for about ten minutes. Don’t forget to also stir the oats so it doesn’t burn or become lumpy. To make the scrambled eggs break eggs into a clean bowl and then add sliced tomato, salt and onions (depends on their personal preference you can eliminate the onions and tomatoes). Pour the mixture into already heated oil on the stove.

SLICED FRESH FRUITS: It is a breakfast option for the fitness buff, note that not everyone enjoys fresh fruits thus it has be something you think your parents will like. All you need is to raid your mother’s pantry for fresh fruits such as oranges, pineapple, watermelon, or mangoes. Wash fruits under running water or dip fruits into salted water solution for a few minutes. Then proceed to peel and cut them up into small sizes.


TOM BROWN AND TOASTED BREAD: To make tom brown, put water on fire and allow it to boil, proceed to mix roasted cornflour with a little water and then pour it in the boiled water while stirring vigorously. Add a little salt to taste and serve hot with milk and sugar.  To toast the bread, cut into small sizes and then proceed to toast with a toasting machine or a frying pan.


WHITE KOKO AND BREAD: Take a little corn dough, sieve to remove chaff, add a little water and then add to boiling water. Add a little salt to taste and allow it to simmer down for a few minutes. You can serve with fresh bread, milk, groundnut and sugar. White Koko can be eaten with scrambled eggs or bread.

These are all recipes that require the use of objects and fire, thus one must exercise caution at all times during the preparation of the meal. Create some fun time for you and your family this Christmas by feting them to delicious meals.


December 5, 2019


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