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Staying fit, trim and healthy is a goal most people strive and desire for. Unfortunately, most people are unable to achieve their health targets due to lack of time to exercise or expect direction. Here are 5 mobile apps you can download to help you achieve your fitness goals during the Christmas and after. Remember to have a healthy meal plan to go along with the use of your chosen app.
• 8fit is a mobile personal trainer combined with a simple healthy meal planner tailor-made for you. This app is perfect for people with a goal to lose weight, get fit or gain weight. It is also free and easy to download on Google play. It also has personalized workouts, step-by-step guidance, and customized meal plans to help you maintain a healthy body within the shortest possible time.
• Charity Miles is designed to help you burn calories while helping your favourite charity organization make money. It is free for android and iPhone users. The app contains rigorous workout routines that help you to burn calories.
• The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App is a free fitness app for iPhone users. It allows users to spend about seven to eleven minutes doing jumping jacks, pushups, wall chair, high-knee running, crunches, plank, side plank, tricep dips using a chair, and a few other moves. The app has an inbuilt timer designed to coach you through each move as it comes up on the workout.
• Nike Training Club is a free mobile application on android and IOS. The app gives you workout session based on the information you provide about yourself at the time of registration for the app. The work out is designed in a video format with expert trainers who show you what to do every step of the way. Each video lasts for over 30 minutes per workout session.
• Strava is unique because it is ideal for swimmers, cyclist and runners. It allows users to compete against other users while breaking their personal record or records set by other users. The app depends on the GPS installed on your phone to keep record of your track and speed.
Each of these apps offer different things so depending on your fitness goal, either or a combined use of any can help you achieve your fitness goals for the Christmas and after. Select the best app out of the lot and find time to work out for best results

December 4, 2019


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