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As a teacher, it is important to ensure students are educated in all areas of life, including imparting students with the right set of morals to guide them through life.

These moral codes are referred to as values. Values are, therefore, laid down behavioural codes designed, to guide students in determining the difference between wrong and right.

In most societies, parents are tasked with teaching children important values such as honesty and fairness. Teachers can also help impart these principles to students as well. Here are 5 important values to teach your students.

Integrity is the consistency of being honest and truthful at all times regardless of the situation. It is one’s ability, to tell the truth even in the face of punishment and adversity. Teachers can teach this important virtue by rewarding or cautioning students who exhibit or flout classroom honour code.

Continuous learning is a person’s self- motivated and persistence in acquiring new knowledge regularly. This is a value that will help students grow academically, even outside the four walls of a classroom. Teachers can teach continuous learning by introducing their students to educational contents such as gives students access to varied educational contents on education in Ghana.

A sense of responsibility is an awareness of one’s obligation to themselves and others. Help students develop a sense of responsibility by putting them in charge of class duties such as cleaning the board after class. Each student can take turns in ensuring the blackboard is cleaned for the next class.

Respect is caring for others and their well-being. It is essential students learn to respect themselves and others in order to build a cordial relationship with peers. 

Discipline is the ability to follow rules or a standard of behaviour in a certain environment. Most students, struggle with discipline for reasons unknown. To sustain a conducive learning environment, students must maintain discipline at times.

These values are important tools that will always be of use to students no matter where they find themselves. It will help them become better citizens and parents to their own children.


January 27, 2020


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