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5 Key Ways to Teach Your Students Science

Studying science is often said to be a reserve of ‘smart’ or ‘privileged’ students. Therefore, students who are generally considered to be slow and unintelligent are often advised not to venture into to sciences. However, regardless of the labelling, some students may be interested in science without you as a teacher realising it. In that regard, it is vital to explore various teaching techniques to make science easier, enjoyable and more accessible to students.

These are some of the ways you can teach your students science without making them finding it difficult.

  1. Observe their interest areas- Some students are naturally drawn to some subjects while others are not. If you explore their interest levels in science, it will inform you as to which students need special attention, plus which teaching methods work for them.
  2. Make it practical- When you make it practical to learn a subject, students find it more enjoyable and easier to understand. Sometimes, teachers reserve practical work for when children reach an older age. However, it is prudent to make them practice what they learn, if it is not harmful to them in any way.
  3. Encourage your students to explore- There is science everywhere around us, therefore encourage students to explore and learn new things. The trees, the air we breathe, the food we eat and virtually everything around us has an element of science that students can learn from. Do not let an opportunity to teach new things pass by; use the environment.
  4. Let them ask questions- Due to the fear surrounding science and the perception around the subject, some students who do not understand what is being taught are hesitant to seek clarification. If there is something your students do not understand, give them a free space to ask questions. Encouraging them to ask questions is part of the solution to teaching a subject which is often considered difficult like science.
  5. Use media- Both traditional and new media can be used to teach children science- Videos, pictures, audio and various forms of multimedia can be used to teach students science. In some cases, understanding is easier when students watch or see things being demonstrated using media.

Which other ways can teachers make science easy to learn? Share your thoughts in in the comments section below.

May 28, 2019

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