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5 learning strategies for children apart from reading boring books

Children have different learning abilities and preferences. Depending on their age, mental abilities and personality type, the pace at which they learn can be influenced largely by their environment and the learning strategy used. It is therefore important for parents and teachers to observe their children and understand the learning methods that work for them. This makes learning easier and more effective.

These are 5 ways to get your children to learn and understand better.

  1. Be Visual: Some children easily learn through visual means. They understand better from what they see and are able to visualize learning material in a manner which makes it easier to understand. You can use pictures, colors, diagrams, images and videos to help them learn and remember what they see.


  1. Audio: Some children learn ‘through their ears’ and find it easier to understand when they listen. Speaking, singing, playing audio tapes and rhyming are some of the ways in which children learn through audio/sound.


  1. Physical: Learning by doing helps children adapt and remember easily. When they are engaged in physical activities, they easily get used to the process and are more likely to develop interest in the activity. This can be done through drawing, coloring, puzzles or even role playing.


  1. Group Learning: Another strategy to get your child learning even when they are not cooperating with you is to engage them in group learning. Some children learn better when they are in a group with their peers. They enjoy the process of working with other people which to a large extent influences their willingness to stick to the activity in question. This also improves their team working abilities.


  1. Lone Learners: These people prefer learning alone and focus better when they are studying alone. They may use some other learning strategies such as visual and audio learning, but prefer doing them by themselves, and are more efficient when they do so.



June 4, 2019

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