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Teaching younger children is never an easy task. It demands passion, dedication and great skill to be able to handle all the challenges that come with the job. It is not a job for the faint-hearted! One must have requisite skills and tricks up their sleeve in order to get them to pay attention to what they are being taught. Here are 5 methods one can adopt for teaching younger children.

  1. USE VIDEOS AND PICTURES: Most young children have short attention span, therefore, lack the patience to stay focused to a particular subject for a long time. Bare words will only get them bored within a short period of starting the lesson. Pictures and videos usually help to create a mental picture of what they are being taught. It is an efficient way to get them to stay focused and reproduce lessons.
  2. TURN SOME LESSONS INTO SONGS: It is no news children love songs and sing-along. If you want to get your pupils to learn better and faster, turn some of your lessons into short memorable songs. It is a fun way to teach and also get the job done.
  3. BE SENSITIVE TO THEIR NEEDS: No two children are the same , therefore it is important to identify and learn the need of every child. This is not going to be easy but this where the ability to multi-task comes in handy.
  4. INCORPORATE GAMES INTO LESSONS: Games are easy ways to get your pupils to pay attention in class. Break your lessons into simple small games that do not require much materials to play. This method works best for children in Pre-school who may be too young to grasp certain concepts.
  5. BREAK THEM INTO SMALL GROUPS: You can also occasionally break your pupils into small groups to accomplish a task. This is a great way to build team work and bond among your students.

Teaching younger children can be tedious but applying the right strategy and tricks could make teaching fun and easy. These are only a few teaching methods, let us know what other methods you use in your classroom.

November 13, 2019


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