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5 Qualities of a Good Student

The most important quality of a student is not limited to always being the first person to arrive in the classroom, but extends to other values and attitudes exhibited by the student.

Every good student needs to have these five qualities.


1.  Discipline

Going to school on time, finishing and submitting your assignments as scheduled and being punctual to school is the beginning of being discipline. It is important to know that being disciplined also extends to abiding by the rules of the school and sticking to the code of conduct of your school. By extension, disciplined students also respect their parents and teachers in different areas of their lives.


2.  Implementing what you learn

Good students do not just write and record notes to make good grades. They go beyond theory to practice the things they are taught in the classroom. One of the best ways to learn is to research, practice and look out for more answers and ways in which the things you learn can be implemented in real life. If they are things that will help you in future, go ahead and implement them.


3.  Building relationships

Schools are one the best places where people meet new people and build relationships. It is important to maintain a cordial relationship with the people you meet in the school environment. These people include teachers and students and your colleague students. This helps you build your networking skills for the future.


4.  Participating in extra curricula activities.

As a student, it is important to engage in extra curricula activities. This helps students to start developing their social skills. Most schools have groups which participate in different activities. Students can join debating clubs, drama clubs, sports teams and other groups in the school and participate actively in them. These groups are also learning opportunities and give students avenues to explore and expand their minds.


5.  Continuous Learning

Good students do not limit themselves to what they are taught in the classroom and do not stop learning once a class is over or once schools are on holidays. They learn continuously to upgrade their knowledge and skills on what they are taught in school (and even what they have not been taught).


To conclude, schooling can be tough and challenging, so it is important for students to develop certain attributes to help them succeed in their education and also build their skills and social lives..

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May 22, 2018

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