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5 Reasons Why You Must Make Friends Today

When we get pissed off, hurt or betrayed by a friend, we tend to blame the idea of having friends as the cause of the situation. We quickly forget the good times, the lessons learned and the amazing experiences we shared in the past.

Friendship like any other relationship thrives on individual differences, therefore it is normal when our differences manifest in various ways.

Building and maintaining great friendships will serve the interest of both parties and has lots of benefits.


These are five important reasons why you need friends. 


1. Friends provide a support system.

Friends are like family. They provide a shoulder to lean on when nobody’s there. Young or old, male or female, single or married, friends are great companions and help you nurture a feeling of belongingness. Psychologists have also said that people who nurture good friendships are happier.

Imagine you have no one else to talk to except your parents and siblings. In their absence, would you rather be lonely, bored and sad or have friends you can spend your time with?

It is important to appreciate your good friends and how each of them can help you satisfy various needs, and what you can offer them in return.

Close friends will support you through good times and bad times. They will help you heal emotionally if you are going through bad times and will always be there for you.


2. Friends can help you develop vital life skills

After your family, the first people you socialize and pick up traits from are your close friends. They influence your perspectives, ideas, and perceptions.

When your friends love to learn, travel and are confident, they influence you in these areas. However, when you establish a friendship with people who have bad manners, are impolite and do not want to upgrade themselves, you could be influenced.

Therefore, it is important to build valuable friendships to help develop your skills and pick up positive traits.


                              It is important to build valuable friendships


3. Friendship teaches you teamwork

You can work with friends in various ways to achieve a cause. Whether they are friends from your neighborhood, school, church, mosque or other society, working with people close to you builds your team working abilities.

To cause social change and bring about a positive impact, you can work together for a humanitarian cause or team up to undertake certain projects.


4. Friends can help you reach your goals

Supportive friends can help you reach your goals. Whether you want to keep fit, quit a bad habit or improve on a positive habit, friends can help you achieve that.


5. Your friends can expose you to opportunities

Your friends can expose you to opportunities especially if they are well connected or are more learned than you are. Your friends can be your business partners or recommend you for other opportunities. Therefore you cannot live in a world without having an amazing group of friends in your circle. 


Friendship has lots of benefits, and you will experience these benefits when you choose your friends wisely.

Happy International Day of Friendship 🙂

July 31, 2018

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