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5 Reasons Why you Should Let your Child Play Games

Most parents find games as distractive and time wasting. However, playing games have some benefits and can have a positive impact on your child’s growth. That said, it is important to monitor the time your child spends on games and the kind of games they play.

These are five reasons why you should allow your child to play games.

  1. Games improve your child’s concentration

Games help to improve your child’s concentration and attention span. Because the child must concentrate to gain points or win during games, their attention span tend to be improved.


  1. Helps them in learning

Some games are helpful and can be a means for children to learn while they have fun. Rather than stopping your child from playing games, you can incorporate learning in an exciting way during play. You can also expose them to games they can learn from. Games can be a ‘magic bullet’ to getting your child to love learning.


  1. Helps to improve their social skills

Because most games are played by more than one player, children can interact with their peers or other people while they play. While it teaches them to be competitive during the game, it also helps to build their teamworking abilities. Playing games with other kids helps to improve their social skills.


  1. Build their sense of judgement

Interestingly, some games help children to make choices; choices that will lead to success or otherwise. Mostly, games demand some level of alertness and judgement to help the player win. Thus, games can help to build your child’s sense of judgement.


  1. Active Games make children physically fit

Games with a lot of physical activities contribute to the physical fitness of a child. Outdoors games are a good way of getting your child to engage in exercising without knowing they are doing so. Therefore, next time your child wants to play some outdoor games, you might want to consider it.

Go ahead and let your child play games; however, be mindful of the kind of games they play and how much time they spend on games.

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November 6, 2018

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