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5 Things You Must Not To Take for Granted this Season

The excitement of the Christmas season is lighting up in most city centers and households. However exciting the season may be, it is key to bear in mind that it could come with challenges. If you plan on having a beautiful Christmas, it is important to note the following for an incident-free experience.

1.  Spend money wisely- As obvious as it may seem, most people lose sight of the relevance of spending wisely during the festive season. January, often described as the longest month will rear its head in only a few weeks. Do not finish celebrating and wish you were more circumspect with your money during the season. Check out 6 tips to manage your finances this December.

2.  Make security a priority– Security is a major issue you must be concerned about during the festivities. Crime rates usually increase within the festive season, especially in Ghana. Therefore, it is prudent to look out for yourself and be mindful of where you go, what you do and who you spend time with.

3.  Do not drink and drive- It is equally important to be mindful not to drink and drive. The Christmas season in Ghana is noted to record most incidents of road accidents, so be careful regarding drunk driving. Just as you must not drink and drive, make sure you are not driven by a drunk driver.

4.  Attend events that are safe– You must not attend every Christmas party just because it is Christmas. For your own safety, it is advisable to be selective about the parties you attend and the people you hang out with. Some parties are characterized by violence, nudity, or indiscipline. Based on your values, be selective about the events you attend or agree to attend.

5.  Plan for the year ahead- People often make resolutions in the first week of January but they do not spend December reflecting on the year and what it brought to them. New year resolutions are more effective when reflected on. As you celebrate Christmas, spend some time to think about the outgoing year. Think about what you are grateful for including your achievements, the targets you could not meet and what you can do moving forward. This will help you make realistic resolutions.


As you prepare for the Christmas celebrations, stay safe and make the right choices. Do not be carried away by the excitement of the season. Spend money wisely, prioritize security, do not drink and drive, attend safe events and make sure you reflect on the outgoing year and plan for the year ahead.

Have a truly merry Christmas.

December 19, 2018

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