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6 Tips for Teachers to Motivate Students

The school is a place where students spend many hours in a day. Therefore, it is important for schools to provide an environment to groom students intellectually and guide them as they climb the educational ladder. Students concentrate and eventually perform better when they are in a positive mental space. If you are a teacher, these six tips can help you motivate your students, which will eventually yield positive results.

  1. Use examples- Some students learn easily when they visualize an outcome or are given practical examples. This makes it important for teachers to motivate students by using examples to get them to appreciate the message that is being shared with them. When students see practical examples of what they want to achieve, they are more likely to be motivated.


  1. Be a role model– It is easier to learn from someone you find admirable and want to be like. A teacher can serve as a role model for students by maintaining a positive attitude and positioning himself/herself to be a positive image of what students want to be. When teachers position themselves in this manner, they serve as role models for students and guide them on their journey while providing them with the right motivation.


  1. Be nice- When students love you, it is easier for them to stay motivated in class and participate actively in class activities. Therefore, maintain a healthy relationship with your students and they will stay motivated in class.


  1. Praise them when necessary and criticize constructively- Praise students openly when they deserve praise. However, when you criticize them, do so constructively. Do not criticize them in a manner which will embarrass them or kill their confidence.


  1. Teach them affirmation– Teach your students the need to appreciate themselves, be confident in their skin and say positive things to themselves. When they appreciate themselves, they feel motivated to pursue higher heights.

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  1. Reward them if possible– Occasionally, reward students when they do the right things. When a student does something commendable, you can give them something to show them that the action is appreciated; this motivates them to keep it up. Rewards must not be necessarily expensive. You can give them a book, pens, crayons or anything symbolic to motivate them.


Go ahead and apply these six tips consistently and your students will become motivated and improve in what they do.

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January 21, 2019

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