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5 Vital Tips to Help you Achieve your Goals

The year is running fast. If you made any resolutions at the beginning of the year, it is important to ensure that you do not lose focus in your quest to make this year memorable and successful. You can check out tips to help you achieve your new year’s resolutions

There are five things you must do as you strive to make the best of the year.

1. Set goals and stick to them- Goals help you set clear roadmaps on what you want to achieve. Set major goals and break them down into small achievable targets. Set goals based on what you want to achieve within a particular time frame. Also, set your goals bearing in mind your priorities for the year.


2. Write down your goals- After setting your goals, it is important to write them down. When your goals are written, it is easier for you to keep track and focus.


3. Work with timelines- After you write down your goals, set timelines within which you want to realize each goal. Timelines are important in keeping you on your feet as you try to reach your goals.


4. Get an accountability partner- Let someone keep you in check. If you have a family member, close friend or work colleague you can trust, share your goals with them and let them keep you in check. An accountability partner will always remind you of your goals including when you aim to achieve them and why you must stay focused.


5. Eliminate time wasters- Identify the things, habits, and people that keep you far from reaching your goals and eliminate or minimize their impact on your life. If your phone distracts you, switch it off, keep it in another room or disable the notifications when you’re working. Identify the time wasters in your life and get them out of the way.


Do not take your goals for granted. The clock is ticking and as they say, time is the raw material of life. Make the most of your time and you will surely reap returns.

February 11, 2019

1 responses on "5 Vital Tips to Help you Achieve your Goals"

  1. The heading says 6 tips but I read only 5. Where is the sixth one? OK let me guess.
    Tip 6 is the unforseen event that will keep you from achieving your goal. Especially events you have no control over. How easy will it be to get back on track when you lose focus or are thrown off track?

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