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6 Ways to Make Your Students Attentive in Class

One of the most difficult tasks for teachers is to ensure that their students are attentive in class. The reality is, some students are easily distracted while some have short attention spans.

These are six tips to help you ensure that students pay attention in class.

1.  Make lessons practical- Students pay more attention when you use practical teaching methods. Make lessons practical and use examples and demonstrate things they can relate to. If the lessons are not practical, there is a high chance of their attention drifting off.

2.  Make your class interactive- If your class is not interactive and engaging, chances are your students will get bored and easily get distracted or talk in class. Engage the class and make it interactive, rather than in a lecture form.

3.  Reward good behavior– Recognize and praise students who are quiet and attentive in class- For students who pay attention in class, encourage them and let them know that you appreciate that about them.

4.  Introduce brief activities- If a lesson is too long, students can get tired and bored. Make time in the middle of a lesson for students to perform a short activity which will make them active.

5. Use non-verbal cues- For a student who is not attentive, you can get their attention and reinforce good behavior without saying anything. Do this to communicate simple messages. For example, putting your finger on your lip to prompt them to be quiet.

6. Do not get emotional– When you get upset and yell or abuse students for not being attentive in class, it creates a negative impression and sometimes yields opposite results. Speak to students about the need to remain quiet and be attentive. When your students like you, it gives you so much power; you can easily get them to practice good behavior as opposed to being unfriendly.

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March 11, 2019

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