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7 Fun Ways to Spend the Weekend

What are your plans for the weekend? Weekends give you an opportunity to rest and prepare for the week ahead. That said, there are some things you can do during the weekend to make your weekend feel more relaxing and exciting.

1.  Visit a recreational facility–  Your weekend must not be limited to cleaning, cooking and watching television. Make time to visit a recreational facility with your family. You can visit a zoo or a park where you can learn new things and interact with new people.

2.  Movie night- Have you considered having a movie night with your family? Not just you, but the whole family. A movie night will give you an opportunity to relax and bond with your family. You get to discuss and share perspectives on the movies your watch. You must not necessarily go to the cinema; you can choose a good movie and watch it at home together.

3.  Volunteer- You can spend some time helping people out during the weekend. There are lots of things and people that would appreciate your time and help. Go out there, volunteer and add value to somebody’s life.

4.  Play a sport- If you love sports, this will be exciting for you. If you are new to sports, you can spend some time during the weekend learning a new sport. This does not only help you acquire a new skill and build your interest but it helps you exercise and keep fit in the process.

5.  Visit a local library- You can spend time on a weekend reading a book, learning new things and enjoying the quiet atmosphere of the library. This can help you get time for yourself and enjoy some peace.

6.  Go window shopping- Window shopping does not have to be odd. You can hang out at the mall or store and check out the new things they have in stock. This also helps you compare prices; it will help you take note of prices in case you want to make a budget or something in future.

7.  Go Hiking- Hiking is great if you have a group of friends and family who love the experience. It opens you up to a world of adventure and excitement. If you do not have a phobia for height, go hiking.

What are your plans for the weekend? Whatever it is, make time to do something new and enjoy a whole new experience. 

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January 25, 2019

2 responses on "7 Fun Ways to Spend the Weekend"

  1. I live in Accra, where can I go hiking?

    • Hi, Emmanuel. Around the Shai hills area all the way to the Akosombo area and beyond, there are good hiking points.You may want to take a weekend out of Accra, to visit these areas.
      Share your experience with us when you do. We will be glad to share it on our blog.

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