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 7 Reasons for young adults to start writing

Early Start – Nowadays, it is relatively easy to publish your work, so there is little reason or no excuse not to encourage young adults to write and publish their work. Writing and getting their articles published can be beneficial for teenagers for several reasons:

  1. Skill Development: Writing articles regularly helps teenagers improve their writing skills. It allows them to develop their grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and communication abilities. The more they write, the better they effectively express their thoughts and ideas.
  2. Critical Thinking: Writing articles requires teenagers to think critically and analyse different perspectives. It encourages them to research and gather information on various topics, enhancing their analytical skills. They learn to evaluate evidence, form logical arguments, and present their ideas coherently.
  3. Confidence Building: Publishing articles and seeing their work in print or online can boost teenagers’ self-confidence. It validates their ideas and opinions, and receiving positive feedback or recognition can be highly motivating. Writing and publishing early allows them to develop a sense of accomplishment and belief in their abilities.
  4. Creativity and Expression: Writing articles allows teenagers to express their creativity and unique perspectives. It will enable them to explore different writing styles, experiment with their voice, and develop their writing identity. They can share their passions, experiences, and insights with a broader audience through articles.
  5. Career Advancement: Writing and publishing articles early can be advantageous for future career opportunities. It demonstrates initiative, discipline, and a commitment to personal growth. It also showcases their ability to communicate effectively, a valuable skill in many professions. Published articles can serve as a portfolio, showing potential employers or academic institutions’ capabilities and interests.
  6. Networking and Connections: Writing and publishing articles connect teenagers with a broader community of writers, editors, and readers with similar interests. It allows them to engage in conversations, collaborate, and build valuable relationships. These connections can open doors to mentorship opportunities, collaborative projects, or potential career paths.
  7. Personal Growth: Writing articles early fosters personal growth and introspection. It encourages teenagers to reflect on their experiences, beliefs, and values. It can also provide a platform to address social issues or advocate for causes they care about, empowering them to impact their communities positively.

While it’s important to emphasise that publishing articles are not the sole measure of success or writing ability, starting early can offer teenagers numerous benefits and help them cultivate valuable skills that will serve them well in various aspects of life.

July 19, 2023

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