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7 Things Every Parent Must Pay Attention To

Parenting can be tough, especially if you are new to it and yet to figure out how to handle your new responsibilities. It can get more complicated when your kids are growing up and forming their own perspectives of the world.

That notwithstanding, parenting is rewarding if you invest in your children, not just financially but in any way that moulds their character positively. That said, these are 7 things every parent must pay attention to.

  1. Help them make the right judgment- Sometimes, rather than always telling kids what to do, it is important to help them form their own judgment by pointing them in the right direction. This will help them figure things out by themselves. This is crucial to help kids differentiate between right and wrong and what can be fully impactful in their lives.


  1. Let them fail-  As hard as it may be, kids must not always be shielded from difficult experiences. It is important to keep an eye on them while allowing them to learn their lessons the hard way and pick up some lessons. When they fall, they will pick themselves up and move on.


  1. Be their friend- Parents will have an easy time getting to know their children, and guide them better if they build a strong friendship with them. Being your child’s friend allows you to help them make decisions and hold positive perspectives on life.


  1. Show affection- A lot of African parents are strict and do not like to show affection towards their children. When you show affection to your child, it helps you build a strong bond which exists even in their adult life.


  1. Create positive rituals- It is important to have rituals that kids will stick to and practice as they grow. Designated times should be set for reading, sleeping, playing, working on homework and so on.


  1. Reiterate positive values- It is key to prioritize values such as honesty, integrity, and truthfulness. Teach kids by example and make sure you are a reflection of the values you want them to live by.


  1. Focus on their health and safety- Be conscious about what your kids eat, who they hang out with and what they do. Try asking them to do stuff without yelling. Yelling and asking them to do the right things about their health and safety may not yield good results. Therefore, speak to them and let them understand why they must do the things you want them to do.

These seven points are important and will help you become a good parent. If you have more tips, share them with us in the comments section below.  You can read 5 tips to help improve your kids’ learning here

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January 17, 2019

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