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7 Things Schools Must Stop Doing

Students spend the majority of their day in school, therefore it is important for schools to put in the right measures to ensure good conditions for the growth and progress of their students. These are 7 things that schools must stop doing. 

1.  Caning students– Caning a student does not guarantee reformation. Children make genuine mistakes, so it is important not to treat them harshly when they make a mistake. Beating them will take them farther from teachers and less interested in school activities. Children need to be talked to, not beaten.

2.  Preferential treatment– Some schools/teachers treat some children better than others. This attitude can be dependent on a lot of factors. For example, a teacher who gets a tip from the parents of some kids is likely to treat those kids better. This is wrong and must stop.

3.  Focusing solely on academic performance– It is true that the main reason for students being in school is academic success, however, schooling has evolved. Schools must incorporate social activities in their curricula. Creating room for extra-curricular activities helps students to develop social skills and can help you discover talents they possess.

4.  Being gender bias– Some schools reserve senior student leadership positions for boys. Positions such as School Prefect and Class Prefect are reserved for boys while the subordinate/ assistant positions are reserved for girls. This limits the desire of girls to attain higher heights. Girls are then made to think that topmost leadership positions are for boys, thus limiting their leadership ambitions.

5.  Taking sexual abuse for granted– Reported cases of sexual abuse/assault in schools are on the rise. Schools must put in measures to prevent sexual harassment and abuse. If any incident occurs, it must not be settled in the school; Offenders must be punished. Teachers, non-teaching stuff or individuals in and around the school who harasses any student sexually must be reported to the police.

 6. Serving terrible food– Students in pre-school or basic school are mostly very young and need good nutrition. Schools that serve lunch to students must be wary of harmful ingredients and cooking methods. Since students are paying for the food, they must be treated to good quality.

7.  Not moving with technological trends– Technology has become massive and is contributing immensely to making teaching and learning more efficient. Schools must expose their students to the effective use of technology and possibly creating technological solutions themselves. Schools, for example, can ensure the efficiency of their operations by using a school management system to manage their data and communicate effectively with their targets.

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October 19, 2018

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