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7 Tips to Raise a Confident Child

Every child needs to be raised to be confident, speak up and be expressive. Though some children may be naturally timid and quiet, it is important to raise them to understand that they matter. Therefore, regardless of a child’s age and gender, parents must intentionally raise their kids to be confident.

If you are worried about how you can achieve this, these 7 simple tips will help you raise a confident child.

  1. Love your child– This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is important to emphasize. It is not enough to love your child inside and not let them know that you love them. Some Ghanaian parents, for example, love their kids but show the opposite. To raise a confident child, be expressive about your love for them and let them know you love them.


  1. Teach the child self-love– Even as adults, we sometimes struggle with self-love and self-affirmations. Teach your child to love herself/himself. The point of teaching them to love themselves will eliminate their desire to always please others or be validated by someone else. Children need to feel worthy to be confident.


  1. Praise your child- Children must be made conscious of actions that are encouraged or otherwise. If your child is doing the right thing, let them know you approve and are happy about their actions. That way, you build their confidence.


  1. Let them make choices and be expressive– You must give your child the chance to make a choice and express their opinion. Even though there are some decisions you must take on their behalf because they are not old enough, remember the importance of making them know that their opinions matter. That way, they will understand that not everything someone else says is cast in stone. Raise them to be able to decipher what is right and what is wrong.


  1. Give them tasks to perform– By this, give your child simple tasks to carry-out independently. This helps to build your child’s problem-solving abilities and skills. From childhood, you are teaching your child to be responsible.


  1. Encourage practice– Let children know that they can do better with practice. Do not demand perfection. Instead, track their efforts and attitude. Win or lose, encourage them and help them build a can-do spirit.


  1. Let them be children– In trying to raise a confident child, let the child play, ask questions and still be a child. As much as you want to raise a confident child, do not be tempted to expect them to act like adults. A child is a child.

Practice these eight tips and raise your child to be confident. You may also be interested in 10 Words to Say to your Child Everyday and Ways to Talk to your Child at Every Age

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October 16, 2018

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