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8 Things That Make a Good School

For some parents, identifying the right school to enroll their children can be challenging, especially with new schools constantly springing up. If you are a school owner, it is important to identify some of the things you need to make your school a school of choice.

These are 8 of the things that are usually taken for granted, but are characteristic of good schools.

  1. A focused curriculum- Good schools have a focus. They work with an identified curriculum. For example, the Ghanaian educational system is based on the GES syllabus and students who complete basic schools with good grades easily fit into the Ghanaian educational system.


  1. Trained teachers- It is important for schools to have trained teachers who act professionally and handle their duties in like manner.


  1. A clean environment- Children are more exposed to contracting infections so this is important. A good school should operate within a clean environment and maintain hygienic practices.


  1. Incorporate extracurricular activities- Social activities are important to help students bond, discover their talents and interests, and develop social skills.


  1. Maintain proper communication with students’ parents.- A good school maintains a good relationship with students’ parents. This helps to groom students according to their needs and address special concerns. Read about how to get parents involved in schools here. A school management system can also help to achieve this. Find out more about the Seekapor School Management System here.


  1. A good school helps students to think and form their own opinions. Students are not forced to think in a certain way or stick to certain opinions.


  1. Leadership skills must be inculcated in students- If a school hopes to train the next generation of leaders (which is important), measures must be put in place to instill leadership skills in students.


  1. Rules to maintain Discipline- it is important for schools to ensure that their students are disciplined. Such tenets stay with students even as they grow.


These eight points are important to consider when starting or upgrading a school. They are also important in choosing a school for your ward.


October 9, 2018

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