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8 Things You Should Never Do As A Parent

As a parent, it’s totally normal to dote on your children but it should be done with caution because remember, you will not always be around. And while you are around, you should ensure that you imbibe qualities that make you proud of them.

Look at it this way; children are seedlings so whatever manure or fertilizer you feed them with will show at harvest. If the harvest turns out bad, it’s yours to keep because you cannot throw them away. If at harvest, they turn out beautiful inside out, that’s yours to keep. Either ways you reap the consequence so make that firm and right decision by following these parental don’ts.

  1. Don’t entrust them with too much money. This teaches them to spend wisely and content.

  2. Don’t stop them from working. This could be during vacations etc even if you can provide all their needs.

  3. Don’t encourage them to take things for granted. Require them to be grateful for every little favor done for them. Teach them to say thank you.

  4. Don’t fail to establish boundaries and stick to them.

  5. Don’t offer them gifts for the wrong reasons. For example, when they lay their beds or get ready in time for school, don’t give them money for that.

  6. Don’t withhold them from being accountable. Hold them accountable for their inactions and material belongings.

  7. Don’t act like a spoilt child in their presence. Some parents tend to behave badly in front of their children when they want something done for them.

  8. Don’t encourage them to be selfish. Teach them to give back.

August 15, 2017

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