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9 Things Successful People Do Every Monday

To be successful and have a productive week, set the tone on Monday. The mood on Monday can influence the vibe you go into the new week with. These are 9 things successful people do every Monday.


1.  They Wake up early 

Successful people wake up early and start the day right. To wake up early, set your alarm the previous night and avoid hitting the snooze button when the alarm goes off. Do not be tempted to hit the snooze button. 



2. They exercise and eat a healthy breakfast

Exercising and eating a healthy breakfast nourishes your body for the week ahead. Do not forget to spend time on fitness and eating the right food.




3. They plan the week ahead by writing down their goals and setting timelines

Write down your goals and set timelines for each of them. This helps you to focus on the things that matter during the day and avoid spending time on things that do not matter. Goals keep you motivated to work on the things you need to do. Mark out your accomplishments when you do.

                                                                                           Write down your goals



4. They allocate time for unexpected projects and tasks

Make time for unexpected tasks to prevent you from being inefficient as a result of insufficient time. 



5. They handle the tough challenges first 

No matter how tough it seems, handle the tough challenges first. This helps you focus and execute them without feeling lazy or unmotivated. It also prevents you from procrastinating on the tasks that really matter. 



6. They say positive things to themselves

Successful people motivate themselves. To have a productive week and get results, you must learn to be your own cheerleader. They do not play the victim; they believe in themselves and work out the good in every situation. Monday motivation is the best motivation to guide you through the week.



7. They check their emails

Successful people check their emails on Monday morning to catch up with what they may have missed over the weekend. This helps them work productively. 




8. They smile and say hello

It is no mistake that a lot of successful people are friendly. If you start your week being unfriendly and feeling grumpy every single moment, your relationship with people may turn sour. To start their week on the right note, successful people do not forget to smile and say a ‘hi’ to friends and co-workers.

                                                                        Smile and say hello 



9. Plan to do at least one fun thing during the week

Make time for fun. Successful people make time to have fun and unwind. After putting in all the work, do not forget to make time for fun. 

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May 20, 2019

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