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A Herculean Task Which Rewards

A Herculean Task Which Rewards

Modern parents struggle with virtually the same things their parents struggled with. Well, these struggles have fanciful names and more harmful repercussions now. This is entirely normal because more than 15 years of the lives of parents are spent in schools that only teach on how to pass exams, behave properly and excel in their educational endeavours. Time management, how to deal with emotions, friends, how to keep budgets and other essentials which are also necessary especially parenting are not taught unless an individual enrols to take these lessons.

Parents need to know how to deal with their emotions because children can get on the last nerves of a person. Money management is also an essential because although money is needed in raising a child, too much of it can be dangerous. A parent should also be able to manage their personal and interpersonal relationships, their physical bodies and learn new things as often as possible because every little mastered thing can improve the art of parenting. Usually the things parents feel are for the young, are the things they should also be focusing on; they not only make you trendy but give first-hand information on the things children are exposed to.

In addition to the things stated, children should see parents do certain things. Paramount among them should be praying, cleaning, making morally upright choices, laying of bed, speaking politely, and cleaning of one’s mess and showing of love. Albeit directing children to do these and others, they learn and accept better by practice – the parent or parents practicing what they preach.

As much as parenting is a herculean task, it is rewarding and teaches a lot too.

It teaches to love unconditionally because it is a hectic role that cannot be shunned. It teaches patience and the timelessness of love. It takes a patient heart to see children practice or understand all you tell them. Parenting constantly reminds one that for your child to keep you in their memory, you have to take time to be in their lives today. No matter how many jobs you juggle or how many children you have, time has to be allocated to each one of them. Finally, very simply parenting teaches one to ‘walk the talk’. Many parents are familiar with this saying, ‘mummy but you said it’s not good to insult’ or ‘daddy, did you not say that it’s risky to go out at night?’ Interestingly, children are not perfect at listening but have never failed at imitating.

All this can be stressful, knowing also that God requires that we handle His creation in a certain manner. However, without doubt, children are the greatest gifts life will ever give so ponder over some the words here, read from other sources, watch movies, keep talking to your children and remember that they are very good at imitating.

August 11, 2017

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