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A Lady Before The Age Of 18 Should….

  1. Be Resilient, have a passion and a strong mind: She should believe and appreciate that life can never defeat her unless she allows herself to be defeated. She must be a woman who does not cede control over another in her resilience.

  2. Know how to talk and be tight lipped: A young lady should speak with intelligence, be able to captivate with her words and opinions. On the contrary, she should be tight lipped about her private life and not spew unnecessarily.

  3. Always say Thank You, Sorry and Excuse me: These words should not be far from the lips of a lady. Learn to use them where necessary and do so with a smile. It soothes.

  4. Never scrabble over food, bills or jump a queue: In a queue, wait for you turn and do not rush for food, a bill or anything.

  5. Dress nicely, neatly and appropriately. Learn to use a cutlery set and observe table manners: There are dress codes for every occasion. Know these codes and follow them. A lady should not expose her body parts when she dresses and make sure to appear neat. Make sure to also study the do’s and don’ts of eating at table.

  6. Read actual books and newspapers and limit the use of internet source: Smart is sexy. Books will never be outmoded. Gather knowledge by reading from credible sources like books. Internet sources are not always accurate.

  7. Put her smart phone away especially in the company of others: It is rude and improper to be on phone while a conversation you are to be part off is going on .On net communication should not supersede face-to-face conversations. Live the moment.

  8. Accept criticism and praise equally. A lady should also criticize without being rude or mean.

  9. Have faith and respect the faith of others: Do not undermine the faith of others because you do not believe in it. Everyone is entitled to believe in a faith of their choice.

  10. Have some skills or hobbies: A lady should not idle around. Use your time fruitfully by acquiring or polishing up a skill. e.g. Sewing, Calligraphy, Photography, Bike riding, etc.

August 17, 2017

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  1. Thank so much really learn a lot about it

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