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A Letter to Ebony

Hello Beautiful,

I can imagine the smile you had on your face on receiving my letter. And oh, do not be disappointed, I am not writing to sympathize with you or cry for you, neither I’m I writing to express how I wish and pray God forgives you for being who he created you to be. I am writing to say, ‘Thank you’ and Happy Birthday.

Remember that video of you excitedly dancing and playing at home with your family? You looked so beautiful and full of life. Everyone seemed so excited around you and in you, I saw a girl whose family was so proud of her regardless of how much she was criticized. And girl, they had every reason to be proud because even I am proud of you!

Your life and your death are both an indication of your strength. You tell a story of a strong woman who was hungry for her dreams and reached for what she wanted amidst opposing forces. So, thank you. Thank you for teaching me that I can be all I want to be regardless or my fear of the opposition. You have taught me that I can be my authentic self and get accepted by those who truly love me, admire me openly and in secret and even those who judge me. Today, I do not care a hoot about the people who despise me, and I am reaching for my dreams.

You have taught me that I can be sweet and aggressive at the same time. I can be quiet without losing my voice and I can be loud without hurting anyone.

Ebony, I remember what I was thinking while I was watching your performance in a show last December.  I was disappointed by what you were wearing. You know why? You were in a skirt, but I felt you could have performed better if you were in a pair of pants the same length, and not necessarily because I hated what you wore. I thought I would have seen more of your talent if you were more comfortable in your outfit. But that too taught me a lesson; love regardless. I did not for a second lose my admiration for you, your personality or your music.

One morning, I sat behind my computer, logged on to Youtube and watched video after video and song after song in awe of your talent. I remember asking a friend, ‘oh she sang that too?’. I am inspired by you Ebony, I truly am.

Some people will never see beyond what you show them. They will never see beyond the piece of fabric on your skin, the anklet on your ankle and the beautiful ring on your nose or the tattoos on your ebony looking skin. Well, I know how that feels. I wear an anklet too and I know how it feels to be judged because of a fashion piece and for this, I will never judge you. I know how it feels to be attached to an accessory, because interestingly, my anklet is me, my confidence, and my personality. So I know how it feels to be called names because of a fashion piece.

Now you are gone, and all of us including your critics are heartbroken. Trust me, some may have criticized you so much but the pain they feel now, is genuine. And yes, there are the earthly gatekeepers of heaven who say you will not make it to paradise, so I guess they are immortal and appointed by God to judge (I’m looking forward to seeing them at the heaven gate checking our passes as we get judged by the almighty God). Sad thing is, as typical as it is of us humans, we show love when it is too late. So, thank you! Thank you Ebony, for reminding me to love my friends and family while they are here.

All my life, you have made me feel the pain of losing someone I have never met. Someone who made me happy through music. Your music brought you so close to us, and as one of friends simply put it, ‘it feels like I have lost a sister’. And yes, you meant that much to us.

My intention is to keep this letter short but let me quickly say something about ‘Maame Hw3’. When I first heard the song, I quickly downloaded the music video. That video made me appreciate you over and over again for your diversity in lyrics, gestures, facial expressions and style. You were the most admirable person in the video and I know how much I watched the video repeatedly constantly looking at your duku (scarf). The other day, I saw a five-year-old girl singing the song when it was playing on radio, and I was only sad because she has no chance of growing to meet this amazing woman in person.  Even adults who do not know the lyrics sing your songs with passion and excitement, and I can imagine you smiling with gratification, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Happy 21st Birthday to you Priscy. You were only days away, so we will praise God for a blessed 21 years darling. You were a gem and you will always be loved Ebony. Sip on some heavenly wine and wait patiently as we live the rest of our days and join you in heaven.

Happy Birthday!!!

With Love,

Your Unknown Admirer.

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March 2, 2018

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