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A New Term: New Strategies And Fun Times

The Easter vacation is over and school has resumed. This may be exciting for some students and a worry for others. Various reasons can be attributed to this; for some, they did not perform too well and are afraid of how the new term will go. Others may have performed well and looking forward to doing better. For some, being in school with friends is a fun experience. No matter the category you find yourself in, nothing should hinder you from totally enjoying school.

Way to go, if you performed well last term! If you could not perform admirably too, don’t worry. It’s never too late to ace the promotional exams and move on. Do not be frustrated or deterred. Rather, channel your energy into drawing strategies that will help in your studies. It is never too late to develop the right study habits.

Get a little jotter or in the notebook of your smart phone. Jot down all your to-dos/school assignments and rule out as you tackle them. Make sure you got exactly what the teacher explained or asked for you to do. Miscommunication can cause one to get bad grades. It should be possible to ask your teacher when you are not sure about something or a friend you are sure got it.

Many students do their home works in bed or in the sitting room. It is more efficient to create a study area for yourself. Take the time to assess yourself and your needs and create a perfect study place. If you can’t concentrate while learning, you surely can’t learn very well. Students are different in many ways: As some need completely quiet places free off noise and interruptions while studying, others study better with music in the background or while munching on snacks. Create space that suits your specific learning style.

After creating the needed learning space, take time to know your dominant learning style. Everyone has one. In case you did not know, there are the Auditory learners who learn mainly by listening or hearing, there are the visual learners who learn by what they see (visual aids or pictures) then the tactile learners, who learn by practice or through hands –on projects. You should know your style and apply it more. Some people have a combination of two of the styles.

Finally, avoid last minute preparation for trial tests .Prepare well in advance and your grades will not only get better but your confidence will be boosted as well. By the time the promotional exams will be near, you will be prepared to take the exams.

Every school activity is structured for the benefits of the students so do not avoid extracurricular activities so don’t see them as waste of time. They help build skills that cannot be acquired in the classroom. Curricular activities refresh you and your mind, helping you develop academic and soft skills. To those who have all these checked and are excelling, keep it up. Work harder and don’t get complacent. Have a wonderful school term.

August 21, 2017

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