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A Thief Of Time Social Media Is

Before social media and smart phones became popular, I needed my father to finish using the family’s desktop before  I could get on to Hi5, MySpace or play virtual cob or road rush. We took turns. It was either you waited or you watched video clips on deck. That was the next cool thing beside playing a game, reading a book or watching a movie. The use of all these were regulated by our parents who will sack you at a certain time to go to bed. Then, came smart phones with social media and the many apps that can be gotten from the phone’s store. Coupled with the fact that data has been made affordable (ignoring how fast it runs for now), there are no longer waits to have a turn with a family desktop. My phone does everything but there lies the problem .I spend the whole evening after work on social media.

On a normal day, by 7 o’clock, I am free to do what I want with my time and between this time till 11pm or sometimes 12 midnight, all I do is to switch between Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and now the Whatsapp status update and Facebook story. This could go on everyday of the week till I realized how much time of my young life I was wasting. I cannot dispute the fact that I learn a lot from the use of these social platforms. From the quotes people put up with posts on Instagram, the links people share and the conversations that go on, I enrich my knowledge but I am likely to gain more if I seek for this knowledge from books, newspapers and/or websites without distractions.

Are social media platforms real distractions or I am not utilizing it? Should I focus on reading traditional material for information or I should use the trendier social media platforms? I am getting addicted, if not already addicted. Please help.

August 18, 2017

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