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” A WOMEN’S DAY POEM” by Rosaline Kurian

Many of them wonder what I am dreaming of.

I am at the age when most of my life is behind me.

If I tell them the facts

They will feel it is all an act

I say,

It is so true that I attract,

It is the artist in me

As I try to capture the world

It is the splendor of my words,

It is the energy of my sparks,

It is in the smile with my tears,

It is in not feeling any pride,

It is in not being lured by power,

It is the beauty that I see,

It is the hearts that I touch,

It is the power of my will,

It is the way I believe

We people all are one

Non-violence is the path,

Non-judgmental be the attitude.

It is the steps that I take

One at a time, the move

Not hurting other, spread only love

That be me

Many still have tried to find out

What is that in me?

When they try to read me

But don’t understand

They never can know, what I am made of

The strength of my soul

They are unable to see

Even when I show them

They are unable to read

I say

It is the bounce of my breasts

It is the silence in my pain

It is warmth of my touch

It is the sharpness of my eyes

In the naughtiness of my look

It is the coolness of my being

It is the passion of my love

It is the sweetness of my kisses

It is in the curves of my body

It is the energy of my hunger

The grace of my self

In the respect I command

I’m a woman

It is me

And I walk with my head not bowed

That is why I sing

Of beauty of the life

The glory of the people

Who taught me to be happy?

To share this beautiful world

So to be at peace

A contented woman

A daughter of the world.



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September 19, 2018

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