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Teaching The Act Of Courtesy From Childhood

Courtesy and manners are aspects of living that are experiencing rapid decline in our societies. Traditional values in social relations and communication are being replaced by so called modern behaviours that are in reality inconsiderate and often coarse. If people are not made to acquaint themselves with courtesy and manners right from childhood, this problem will continue to grow and affect all levels of relationships pertaining to society, family, work, friendships and business. The absence of courtesy and good manners promotes a society where individuals lack personal dignity and subjects them to an environment where inappropriate conduct is considered normal.

In view of this, if courtesy and good manners are incorporated into the school curriculum, children will grow up to be well behaved, courteous and mannered thus, they will be responsible adults. Parents should teach their children to often use polite words such as “please”, “thank you” and they should also be taught mannered behaviours such as helping the elderly to carry load, greeting and the avoidance of calling people names. It is extremely important for children to learn the art of courtesy and good manners because the root of courtesy and good manners is kindness and consideration for others.

August 11, 2017

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