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Aggression over Assertion?


I heard a manager of an institution say she did not care if her targets for her employers meant they slept at work or had no food .All she was interested in was results.  This seems to be the new approach to things with all the pressures being placed on leaders, subordinates, children and bread winners. No one cares what it will take to get rich or what principles were trampled upon.

Aggressive people will step on many toes to get things done, will not consider the feelings, ideas or contributions of others and at times manipulate or deceive to get what he/she wants. They are only target oriented.

Assertive people on the other hand  know what they want and work in a certain direction to get there .They show others respect ,take people’s views into consideration but know their rights .People  cooperate with assertive people and there is little or no anxiety among the people who are close to them. They are above all honest.

It is good to have targets and work towards achieving them no matter the hurdles in the way. It is equally important to have reverence for the creator of all we enjoy or wish to enjoy hence the targets  and do things His way.

August 24, 2017

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