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Aluta Continua! Victoria Acerta!

It is onerous to find a silver lining in situations that are perceived to be hopeless. Over the past weeks, people all around the world have been glued to their televisions and radios. They listen and watch carefully to know if the number of infected people have reduced or increased; if a cure has been found, who has newly acquired it and how. Emotions have fluctuated as numbers of persons affected keeps increasing.

The atmosphere is filled with shock, anger, sorrow and pain. Other times, the atmosphere is filled with some joy when names and numbers of recovered persons are given. At the announcement of stiffer safety precautions, people are shattered and wish the announcement was to announce the end of the menace.

The situation seems beyond control. Although the circumstances have put everyone at a helpless place, there are the altruistic ones who are fighting in various capacities: The health workers and military can be readily singled out.

Words such as lockdown, quarantine, isolation, covidiot, pandemic and epidemic have become commonly used words replacing others like, “See you shortly”, “TGIF”, “Sorry, I am late, Give me a hug or “I am off to work/church/party “  and that in itself is depressing. The situation is not a pleasant one at all.

However, whether strenuous, difficult or not, there must be a silver lining in this black situation the coronavirus has put the world in and we must find it. Finding it does not include gathering in our numbers as our forefathers gathered to fight and gain independence.

It does not include gathering to pray at the church or mosque and neither does it include a physical fight for our freedom. Ironically, this fight is to be fought differently- not on the premise of the ‘united we stand, divided we fall theory”. With this one, it is advised that we “divide” ourselves from our unions and stay home to successfully win this war.

So while at home, Aluta Continua! And this is how;

  • Let’s use our time productively: Cultivate a hobby, a habit or a skill.
  • Let’s improve our Health: Exercise, Eat well and on time, Rest and laugh
  • Let’s check on the frontline workers: Call, text and encourage them any way you know-how.
  • Let’s fix frigid relationships: Communicate, dine as a family, play, pray, call those far,
  • Let’s Put ideas into Motion: Write out goals and draw up a plan for it, Restrategize failing businesses, Finish that book you started.
  • Let’s pamper ourselves: Do a manicure and pedicure for each other at home, treat and wash your hair, face and any healthy thing that makes you feel good.


Do not give up! Staying indoors does not mean that we have lost the battle and now coronavirus has taken over our world so we are in hiding.No! Staying lockdown, staying two metres apart, boosting our immune system, washing our hands, strengthening relationships and keeping ourselves and the environment clean, is our tried and tested strategy to freedom or liberation from the oppression, repression or subjugation of COVID-19.


The struggle continues, Victory is Certain!

May 4, 2020

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