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As a student, studying to get better grades should be your major concern. Therefore, it is important students develop effective study plans and methods that suit them.  A study plan is a laid out schedule created by students listing their learning goals in addition to a study time to help them achieve the listed goals. Having a study plan creates in you a  responsibility towards learning. It also helps you keep track of all you have been taught in school.

No two students are alike, so are our learning habits. Some students prefer to study in a group sharing with other students. Others also like to learn by themselves away from prying eyes. There are also others who can study in any location regardless of the environment. On the list are also students who like to learn by listening to audio recordings of their lessons. Don’t feel pressured to join a study group when you know it might not yield any result for you. In essence, you should search yourself thoroughly so as to know which studying methods are effective for you. This article states the types of learners there are and helps you identify with one. You should read it if you do not know the type of learner you are.

 In the end, the goal is to enhance your grades but more importantly,acquire knowledge.  Furthermore, students must also develop the right attitude towards studying. Having the right attitude towards studying is the ability to prioritize your set goals and stick to achieving them regardless of distractions or in addition to social/recreational activities.


The next step is draw up a study schedule for your self. The schedule should be realistic and in tune with your school’s time-table as well. You should also factor in time to deal with house chores(if you have any). The schedule can include both old and new topics that way you are well prepared for any class.

Students should also consider the amount of time they want to dedicate to studying. Some students can study for long hours; while others can study for only a short period. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t study for long hours. Remember to always stick to what works best for you.

Remember to also always take breaks in between topics. It is tempting to to want to cover a lot of grounds within a short period. Resist such temptations and take a break when it becomes necessary. Don’t push your self so hard when you feel tired. You can take a break by listening to music or eating a snack. Another effective way of studying is to take a rest as soon as you return from school and wake up some few hours to your wake time to study.

Furthermore, always remove all objects that tends to distract you from your study environment. Less distractions help you study better and efficiently.Keep in mind that little sacrifices such as these will pay off eventually.These days some students say they are “naturals” and therefore do not need to study. That is  false and more on that will be said in another article.

October 15, 2019


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