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Animal Farm (1944) has somehow become a topic for discussion recently after some politicians made reference to it in speeches. The book is a short political fable written by George Orwell and is based on Joseph Stalin‘s betrayal of the Russian Revolution, and it is one of the most famous allegories of the world. Here is the good part of this whole reference being made to the book; the people it was written for have read it and can make allusions to it beautifully. Kwame Nkrumah, for example, banned it in Ghana after reading it. Whether or not any of these politicians fit a character or behaves like a character in the book is up to you.

But to determine this and join the argument from an informed point, make sure to read the book then you will be well informed to join the argument. As said earlier, it was written in 1944 and you should have read it.  Yes, spank yourself if you haven’t.

Here is a summary though….

Animal Farm is about a group of animals who rebel against the humans who run the farm they live on and run it themselves with hopes of being equal, free, and happy since it is now being run by one of their own.  In the end, however, the animals are disappointed and regret rebelling against the human rule because the animals they appoint as leaders are more cruel. They experience a different form of tyranny under one of their own – the pigs.

Napoleon, the head of the farm together with the other pigs was like Mr. Jones (or worse) and exploited the other animals, and took advantage of the foolishness of some of the other animals like Boxer. The Pigs came into contact with human beings for business although they had said it was forbidden in their commandments. In the end, they became like the human beings they were all running from. The pigs even started to walk on their hind legs and replaced the old maxim with a new one: “Four legs good, two legs better”. In the end, nothing changed and resistance seemed to be useless.

This is just a synopsis. Click here to read the book and then we can find characters of our age. Like, Comment and share.

November 7, 2017

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