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Apple Products- What’s the Fuss?

Apple products have come to stay and I must say, it is a “grab yours now” gadget that everyone in the world would love to use. But the question is why? Honestly, I think no one really remembers how an iPhone or iPod became popular worldwide. Looking back to when Apple started, we only knew about the iPod, iPad, and iPhone but now we have the MacBook and Airpod. What is the fuss, I ask again?

Well, first of all, Apple competes with all other technology companies worldwide so they are compelled to be the best and introduce upgrades in every level in terms of their gadgets. Because of the constant improvement of their products, everyone would want to get an Apple product to make their work easier. I mean everyone wants to cut down their work by 100% but if you get your iPhone or MacBook doing one-third of your work, you would obviously buy it. The other upgraded and popular feature about an iPhone is its picture quality. Some photographers who cannot afford cameras buy an iPhone because of its impeccable camera quality which is almost 3D.

Also, Apple products have anti-virus on them which makes people feel safe with their files on their phones or laptops. The anti-virus is part of the package when buying an iPhone which means that you do not have to spend extra money to buy an anti-virus onto your device or even fixing your device after it has been attacked by a virus.

From research, people use Apple products to be seen as classy because of the perception that Apple users are rich. Can you argue with that? Well, Apple products are expensive, hence, people who use them are said to be rich and this may be true or not because peer pressure can drive people to do anything for fame or class.

The issue of class or fame is a subject that can be argued out but Apple products undeniably have their advantages and disadvantages. It seems however that the advantages overshadow the disadvantages, hence the fuss.

Do you use an Apple product? What do you think about Apple products or users of Apple products? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

July 29, 2019

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