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I feel quite mortified to admit what I am about to say because I don’t think it is something a good parent should even think about, however, it is an important lesson that I will carry with me for a long time.

My first son, unlike his younger, is a star student at his school. He scores very high marks in his class and has received several awards in almost all the subjects in his class.  I feel proud when his name emerges as part of the top-scoring students during the speech and prize-giving day in his school.

His brother, on the other hand, is quite average and has never won anything in his class. He is not competitive and does not show any sign of changing his attitude towards learning. To be frank, it is as though he is quite satisfied with his life at school and does not see the need to strive for the top.

He mostly spends his time watching auto shows online while his brother studied his books. I have prayed and fasted for days hoping he might develop a little love for his books but, the situation remains the same. 

I have also tried cutting him off the internet at home to deter him from viewing auto shows online yet, he always finds a way to get access to the internet each time.

This halfhearted attitude towards learning annoyed me; I would occasionally ask him to learn to emulate his brother. He does not seem interested in emulating anyone at all: it appears he is satisfied with his life.

One day, I received a letter inviting my son to participate in a show about cars scheduled to be shown on National TV.

I almost didn’t sign the parental consent form requesting for my permission to allow him to participate in the show because I felt he might embarrass me on National TV.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard my son had emerged winner on the show. He won a huge sum of money for emerging the winner.

I got several calls from friends and family congratulating my family for raising such a bright son.

 I realized that my two sons were different and pursued different interests. They are like apples and oranges; they cant be compared.

Eventually, I had to stop comparing them both!





February 12, 2020

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