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April fool’s day also known as all fool’s day is a day set aside for people to play pranks and carry out hoaxes on others. To celebrate the day people set up elaborate practical jokes to trick friends and loved ones into behaving in a certain way or believing untrue stories

 It usually ends in laughter but for some, it has landed them in serious trouble. Have you ever wondered where this age-long tradition come from?

Its origins are murky and unknown, but according to some historical accounts it was first celebrated in 1852 when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar.

As result in the changes of the calendar those who failed to keep up with the change and clung to the old calendar system and continued to celebrate the New Year during the week that fell between March 25th and April 1st, had jokes played on them.

During this time, pranksters would usually stick paper fish at the backs of all those who failed to adjust to the new calendar.

Others also attribute the origins of April fool’s day to the celebrations to the work of Chaucer “the Nun’s Priest’s Tale” written around 1392.  Chaucer tells the story of the vain cock “Chauntecler” who falls for the tricks of a fox, and as a consequence is almost eaten.

According to the Daily Jostor, traditionally, an April Fools prank was one in which a “fool” is tricked, or sent on some ridiculously undoable errand, like hunting snipe, snarks, or frog-whiskers.

However, in modern times, the pranks are more elaborate with people skimming tales to get others to act in a certain way. Pranks could range from setting booby traps or being sent on a fool’s errand.

Due to the times in which we found ourselves, it is adviseable not to celebrate the day in a way tut others in harm’s way. A prank that may require others to go outside could be deadly as we have all been advised to stay indoors. Thus, keep your pranks indoors for the safety of others.

April 1, 2020

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